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Get BloggingThe Importance of blogging.

Not that long ago the term ‘blog’ instantly conjured up connotations of a (slightly geeky) fashion fanatic, frantically scribbling down all they could about the latest trends, and what was hot and what was not. It was, in our opinion, their opinion. It did not occur then the importance of blogs and the effect it would have on our writing, our website, our business.

These days, no matter the industry, every business should be blogging. If not a conventional blog, then at least a news page – a place where fresh content, specific to your business or industry, is uploaded on a regular basis. It is not practical to constantly update your homepage and other static pages; therefore a blog is where the change happens. Blog content is what connects your business with the people.

Blog content is great for linking through to your social media channels

What’s more, blog content isn’t limited to your blog – it can be shared (after all, sharing is caring!) Blog content is great for linking through to your social media channels, and the more relevant and interesting the information is, and the more people will click to read it and ‘voila!’  they have landed on your website!

You will also find that the more fresh and relevant content you upload, the more your site will begin to be found through organic search. Take this scenario…

You own a wine shop. People can purchase wine online through your website. Now, unless looking to purchase a fine vino tinto and they happen to Google ‘Buy wine online’ or something similar, how might one stumble upon your website?

Consider this, what about all the people who searched for the ‘benefits of red wine’? By blogging and having a post titled just that, you are instantly reaching out to a wider audience, and as a thank you for providing the information to them, there is also the likelihood that they will look around the rest of your site whilst they’re there, and perhaps make a purchase.