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What is content marketing?

We hear this question so often from people who are not necessarily within the marketing or communications field.

To put it simply, content is information. The way that information is then marketed can include many different formats. Content marketing can be in the form of words (copy), pictures, images which give details (infographics), video, blogging, even customer reviews and much more.

Why do I need content? Well, for a start, content that you product can be published on all of your social platforms as well as your website, helping to grab people’s attention and re-direct them to your website. Content marketing promotes conversation, which in itself is more content. By providing content to your existing and potential customers you are showing that not only do you have a service on offer, but you care enough about that service to provide good, solid information about it, for free!

To put it simply, content is information.

There is a saying that ‘Content is King’ – mainly due to the benefits it will have on any website. Content marketing has two main benefits;

#1. It informs your audience and gives your business credibility. Take this scenario – you are looking to install a new bathroom and have found two websites that sell the one you want. The price is pretty even across both sites, so how do you decide which one to buy from? Now, site number one has a picture of the bathroom, a brief description and the facility to buy online. Site number two on the other hand, has all of the aforementioned as well as a downloadable guide on how to install the bathroom, social links, reviews from previous customers, and a handy FAQ page. Which one would you buy from now?

#2. It is what helps potential customers find your website. Content is what gets picked up by search engines, be it a blog post, an image with a well written ATL TAG, or a video with a good SEO title. Content is also what has the potential to be shared across social networks, or posted on other websites and what manages to reach people who are not even looking for your site. Think of all the articles you read online, many of which may catch your eye through social media; these have all come from somewhere, and by continually seeing the logo or tagline or name of a company producing the articles, putting their name at the forefront of your mind, should you ever need their service/s.

Any business that thinks it can be promoted successfully without investing in carefully crafted content is not going to get far. Simple changes to copy and the way you promote information can have huge benefits for your business’ visibility.


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