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Hiring a copywriter – What do they do?

If you are thinking about hiring a copywriter (freelance or in-house) for the first time, there are several things you should bear in mind. Firstly, it’s imperative to ensure that your copywriter understands your business from head-to-toe.

A copywriter’s main responsibility is to provide grammatically correct content which shows your business in the best light and sends the right messages to your target audience, so be sure to take a moment and explain what your business is about.

Look into the copywriter’s experience; do they have the right skills? Take a look at their previous works, examples and testimonials. Does your copywriter fit your criteria in offering the right content, for example your copy may be highly technical, and therefore a copywriter with experience in a specific field may be the best option? Can they work in a team, and are they willing to deal with third party companies on your behalf? What is the extent of their creative thinking and flexibility? Perhaps most importantly, do you trust them to get the job done? Arrange a face-to-face meeting so you can really get to know who will be representing your company.

Hiring a copywriter is not just about finding a writer; you want a creative thinker, a strong influencer, a word-crafter – a copywriter that takes pride in every word.

If you do hire a copywriter, remember they are the expert in what they do. Therefore, have faith in them and trust that they will have the right ideas and advice when it comes to getting the correct message across. A copywriter’s job is to enhance content and make it sound better, but it is also to take constructive criticism from their and in turn, offer it. Correcting grammar, proof-reading, editing and restructuring sentences are all part of their job.

A skilled copywriter will understand the fundamentals of using search engine optimisation within their work; words that are key to your business, and familiar to the audience, making for easier web searches and subsequently more traffic to your website.

A copywriter:

  • • instills brand name,
  • • ensures your products are on the watch list,
  • • makes use of the right content,
  • • gets maximum results.

If you are inspired to hire a copywriter simply from reading this blog, imagine what a copywriter can offer to inspire your business even further.

They say a good sales-person can sell ice to an Eskimo. Well, a good copywriter can sell almost anything by using the right words.

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